The silent majority are more united than divided

We are constantly bombarded with the extreme left and the extreme right painting the picture that Democrats are socialists/communists and Republicans are fascists/racists. If this were true we would have to assume that roughly half of the voting population is one or the other which the majority know better. We are targeted by the extremes sides using fear who seek to divide us with the intent of maintaining political power.

A Gallup poll speaks to the fact that the silent majority of Americans identify as independents. The numbers range from 39% to 46% of the voting population. The main problem is that we do not have a party that represents main street america and the voters choose between what they believe is the lesser of the two evils. We are bombarded with the notion that the two party system is our only viable option.

The majority of Americans want border security, a fix to the immigration system, affordable & accessible healthcare and education, creating more quality jobs, protecting social security and term limits. We can debate how best to accomplish these goals but few people identifying as independents don’t view these as core issues.

The majority are not heard because they are working and trying to survive in today’s difficult economic reality. They are not out protesting, yelling over social media and creating news. The vast majority of Americans are not socialists, racists, communists, white supremacists, lazy and the list could go on. The previously mentioned terms are used by the political manipulators to divide and weaken our voice.

The intent of the Main Street USA party is to create a voice for the silent majority politically. Follow us add your thoughts and be part of the change

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