Economy and Taxes

  1. Economic
    1. Create a financial incentives system where US businesses have a financial benefit from creating jobs located in the USA and from sourcing from the USA. This would be done through the tax structure vs tariffs conversely companies that rely on imported goods and outsourced labor would have financial disadvantage.  Companies ultimately always do what’s in their financial interest and to make changes to grow the economy the corporate tax structure needs to change
  2. Taxes
    1. Corporate/business tax:
      1. We need to move away from a simple structure riddled with loop holes where business hire tax experts to exploit and move to a system that rewards the creation of US jobs, sourcing domestic product, contributing to health plans. The tax code would no longer be favorable corporate inversions, outsourced labor, and importations where the service or product can be sourced domestically.
    1. Personal Tax
      1. Redo the tax brackets to reflect the cost of living today while increasing deductions for healthcare and education