Health Care

Healthcare costs in the USA are out of line compared to the rest of the world. The USA should have a system that brings down the cost for all and provides a safety net for those in need.

One concept to bring healthcare costs down would be to transfer the control of employer based healthcare to the individual.  This could happen by changing the rules to allow individuals to choose to go through their company’s plan or to use a contribution from the company to obtain their own plan.  Another aspect of this concept would allow companies that we do business with (such as banks, ISP, Utilities, eCommerce, shipping companies, etc.) to offer healthcare plans to their customer base which would cause the healthcare/insurance cost to be driven down.  For example, imagine Amazon offers a healthcare plan to their members. As a member you could opt to use the contribution from your employer to use Amazons healthcare plan. Businesses who offer health insurance to their customers would have a better customer loyalty rate and the competition would drive the rates down. No more state boundaries rules with insurance.