1. Immigration
    1. Immigration has made this country stronger and need to address 3 areas
      1. Provide a path to legal green card status for the illegal families/individual with the following stipulations:
        1. Grandfather clause-had to have been in the USA for a minimum of 3 years
        1. Have had no criminal convictions- clean record
        1. Have not voted in elections or taken government assistance wrongfully
        1. Have to pay a civil fine either lump sum or a higher tax rate for a period of time
    1. Secure the border
      1. Move the 15,000 troops we have in South Korea to the US Mexico border which would be a better use of our resources and better for the service members families.  Use drones and modern technology with some walls/fences where appropriate
      1. Criminals who are here illegally will be deported with agreements of the originating country’s understanding of incarceration or the US incarcerates and charges back the country for the cost.
    1. Review current laws of US citizenship when someone illegally enters the US and has a baby the next day scenario.