Taxes and Ocasio-Cortez

Progressives like Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez propose tax rates for the wealthy as high as 70%. This would pay for the “green new deal”. However this plan would be ineffective along with growing America’s debt even more. The wealthy would only manipulate gains and losses to hide their wealth through high paid tax accountants and lawyers. We support Alexandria’s desire to make healthcare and education affordable and accessible to all but not this approach. There are other proposals that could be made to reach these goals without taking 70% of any American’s income. One idea to combat the high tax rates for the top earners in the United States is a tax incentive program where the more more jobs they create and the higher healthcare contributions they offer to their employees, the lower their taxes will be . It could be the same for corporations but with additional tax incentives for sourcing products from the US. The more product a business purchases that is manufactured in the US, the lower their tax rate. For example if Walmart product purchases were 79% imports they would be in one tax tier and a lower one if it were 50%. This would help create jobs in the USA.

#taxes #healthcare #jobs

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